Accepting the challenge

Operating in complex markets can hold great rewards, but it may also challenge you with many uncertainties. Knowing where to focus and how to establish yourself to minimize risk will ultimately determine if your venture will be a success or not.
Nordic Risk Advisory Group is here to lower that threshold and to make sure that you get it right.
What sets us apart is our dedication to understand our clients requirements and our ability to offer an appropriate – well balanced – solution. What we attach great importance to is that we provide tailored solutions thatfit the client’s expectations in terms of quality, sustainability, integrity and cost.

Who we are

Experienced advisors with a global network, top- tier resources at hand and all the right connections.

We are a leading enabling partner to organizations engaged in a variety ofmarkets. Headquartered in Gothenburg with global operations, our personnel have carried out projects pertaining to all kinds of different security och business challanges, in various risk- zones and in all kinds of environments.
In doing so, we have played a decisive role in the creation of real value for our clients.
WE BELIEVE that the ability to combine opportunity and risk management with a close relationship to key decision makers is necessary for long-term success.
Our long-standing global network opens the door to key enablers and unique opportunities. We offer expertise on how to operate in complex markets, and remain in close cooperation with our clients all the way through implementation.

What we do

Complex challenges requires thorough knowledge and precise actions.

While we are sometimes seen as consultants, our clients come to trust us as advisors. They rely on us throughout all business ventures faced with risks and challenges.
We provide our clients the support needed to make informeddecisions, with services spanning comprehensive business ventures to one-off due diligence reports, interventions, crisis response measures, risk and threat mitigation, analyses and risk assessments.
We cater to clients irrespective of their industry and sector and we remain with the client throughout the implementation.

How we do it

Adequate and around the clock support with senior advisors and security assets on alert.

We have developed and maintained a network of individuals with strong access, knowledge and insight into aspects that affect our clients existing and prospective activities. Within this network, our experience and our extensive knowledge base, we deliver solutions with great accuracy and relevance.
We continuously explore and develop new methods to produce knowledge and generate insight. The focus of our team and network­partners is divided by market regions, which builds expertise and access to local, up-to-date knowledge.

We are with you,all the way