We support our clients worldwide travel

Before - During and After

We assist our clients with their travel risk management to ensure a safe, secure and productive journey. We provide adequate security support, risk assesments and up -to date information regardless of their intended destination or the current risk- level in the area.

We assist with our clients duty of care for travel.

All the way and around the clock.

Without proper preparation and routines in place there is an increased chance that our clients employees and excecutives will encounter unwanted problems or end up beeing at the mercy of chance. Proper and thourough pre -travel routines and preparation makes all the difference.

Our travel risk management concept - Duty of care

  • Support with establishing or setting up a travel risk management program
  • Support with thourogh country and area safety and security information
  • Support or advice on travel safety and security equipment for all destinations
  • Advice on adequate travel insurance levels and other add -on safety insurances
  • Coordination of sufficient on -the ground security through our world wide network
  • Pre arranged add -on MEDEVAC (Medical Evacuation) where neccesary
  • Advisor support on retainer in case extraordinary events occur during travel

Sometimes business takes you to challenging places

We provide whatever resources and assets our client needs. Regardless of their desired destination and objective. Sometimes there is a substantial risk involved in new and potentially prosperous business opportunities or there is an absolute need for fact finding on the ground.

High risk area and country support

  • Pre travel preparation and support with equipment and medical supplies
  • World wide coverage with top -tier protection assets for our clients
  • Coordination and vetting of the local security
  • Experienced and able security coordinators for deployment
  • Procurement or arrangement of adequate transport in country
  • Pre arranged MEDEVAC and repatriation insurance solutions and support

World wide coverage

Our clients enjoy a 24/7 emergency response capacity through our partnerships.

Where and when it is necessary our global network of experienced and vetted resources on the ground further facilitates a safe, secure and pleasant business travel experience.


Experiencing a problem that´s out of the ordinary?

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