Flexible solutions with maritime insight

With a background from the Navy, the Marines and MARSOF our advisors and coordinators
can provide adequate and efficient solutions for your maritime security risk management needs.
Proactively, with risk indentification and mitigation or as a emergency response to security incidents.

When stowaways are found or appear onboard at sea.

All initiated know that this phenomena has the potential to cause both health and security issues as well as a substantial negative impact on schedules, cost and business reputation.
Our advisors and security teams are well aware of all dimesions of this delicate matter and are able to assist with efficiency and in compliance with UNCLOS and RESOLUTION FAL.13(42) as well as the vessel Master or SSO directions and with our clients desired endstate in focus.

Stowaway incident handling - by the book

  • 24/7 Incident response readiness with EU + UK + Northern Africa coverage
  • Security team embarkation in port or at sea by boat or helicopter with SOLAS approved safety equipment
  • Onboard 24H security assistance to the vessel in accordance with IMO resolution FAL.13(42) amendment and the Masters directions
  • Full documentation in accordance with UNCLOS, FAL 13(42) and requirements for the recieving port state laws and regulations
  • No time frame limit for ongoing operations
  • All maritime security personel are equipped with seamans discharge book and STCW Manila and medical certificates to avoid PAX certificate issues

When your brand or business is at risk

Beeing exposed to suspected or ongoing fraud, theft or events that could have a substantial negative impact on your brand, reputation and business requires both effective and discret countermeasures.
We assist our clients with a variety of cases spanning from investigations,cargo protection and loss prevention to intellectual property protection and online reputation exposure.

Security and risk advisory for the shipping industry

  • Theft, fraud or loss investigations and prevention
  • Liaisoning with law enforcement and other entities on our clients behalf
  • High risk area risk assesments and analysis
  • High risk area surveys or surveyer protection
  • High value freight forwarding protection

When transiting through,or calling on ports in high risk areas

Transit through, to and from high risk areas such as the Gulf of Aden, the Malacca strait and Bay of Nigeria sometimes needs protection. We can assisst with both up-to date events and risk analysis and provide adequate protection for your needs deployed at your desired location. 

Protection in high risk areas

  • Risk analysis and up -to date reports abount current events and trends
  • Senior advisors with extensive experience and knowledge
  • Liaisoning with deployed Navy and other military units active in the area
  • Assistance with Vessel MARSEC level 3 hardening, both planning and excecution
  • All operations are conducted according to Actual BMP - Best Management Practises
  • Deployment of Maritime security coordinators and Maritime Security Operators in port or at sea
  • 24H armed or unarmed protection pending area legalstatus and mission objectives 

Experiencing a problem that´s out of the ordinary?

Feel free to contact us for a cost- free consultation with a senior advisor at any time.
Contact us via e-mail with guarateed response within 24H or call us directly if the matter is urgent.

Qualified personnel

Experience and former service in the armed forces with honors is the threshold.
But we go beyond the industry and flagstate/ government requirements and make sure that our staff will be able to assisst our clients in the best way possible.
It is only when you have a thourough knowledge about both the shipping industry and the inner workings of a merchant vessel under way or at berth, off -or onloading, that you can adapt and make sure that your presence only gives an added value and present no frictions

Excellent coverage - Quick response

With offices in GOTHENBURG - ROTTERDAM and MALTA we have an excellent coverage throughout Europe with qualified maritime security advisors and operators from strategic air -and sea port hubs.